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Check in with this page from time to time to read news and commentary about the midcoast Maine real estate market and an analysis of the latest Maine Association of Realtors housing reports.

Our market is, as are all real estate markets, local by nature and driven by forces both common to other real estate markets, but also unique to this one.  Here you may gain that broad and local perspective you may find valuable in your decision to buy or sell real estate in midcoast Maine.




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Anybody Home?

My absence from this page for such an extended period speaks volumes about the activity in this market.  Although the news of the housing recovery has been out for more than a year now and emanating from California to Boston's suburbs, there are important differences in Maine's midcoast market. Other than the usual local relocations, we are a destination market - a place people have their eye on for recreation and retirement.  We have not yet faced the unit shortages that buyers are encountering elswhere and not all sectors of this market are fully engaged yet.  Choice is still available at the high end while in the middle and low end markets the quality inventory is disappearing quickly.  And not just to relocation and rusticators, but to investors picking up rental properties at good prices and good rates.  The big banks are more than eager to get rates back up again now that much af their toxic debt that caused the near-meltdown has been absorbed so watch for your lock-in rate carefully and come out to tour property!  Lets hope the Fed can keep the rates such that this recovery isn't still-born.


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